Thursday, February 3 is the Feast Day of St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr.  As is our tradition, the general Blessing of Throats will be given at all Masses this weekend and also at Masses on Thursday.

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week:  January 30-February 5.  The Holy Family School children’s Mass will be held Thursday this week (not Tuesday).  This Mass is open to all, but the school children will be in attendance.

Notre Dame School Open House:  Monday, Jan. 31 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  Grades:  7-12.  For more information contact Brett Moore 734-2267 – option #8.

The New York State requirement states that all patrons 2 years and older to wear a mask at all times while indoors effective until February 1, 2022.  We are keeping one side of the churches in social distance.  Thank you for your cooperation.




Parish of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday 4:00 PM
St. Mary’s Church

Sunday 7:30 AM
St. Patrick’s Church

Sunday 9:00 AM
St. Mary’s Church

Sunday 10:30 AM
St. Patrick’s Church

Week Day Mass Times

Monday 8:00 AM
St. Patrick’s Church

Monday 12:05 PM
St. Mary’s Church

Tuesday 8:00 AM
St. Patrick’s Church

Wednesday 8:00 AM
St. Patrick’s Church
(Liturgy of the Hours)

Thursday 8:00 AM
St. Patrick’s Church

Friday 8:00 AM (First Friday only)
St. Patrick’s Church

Friday 12:05 PM
St. Mary’s Church

Saturday 9:00 AM 
(First Saturday only)
St. Mary’s Church


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