Registration for Faith Formation Classes is NOW.  The Program begins with

Catechetical Sunday, September 17th.  Register at:

Sunday School (Pre-K to 8th)- 9AM on Sundays at the Faith Formation Center 

These classes are for all students in these grades.

First Penance/Eucharist (2nd Grade)- 

Preparation for these Sacraments begin in the fall and are held throughout the year to prepare the children for First Penance and First Eucharist. Enrollment in Catholic School or one year of religious education is required prior to enrollment in this program. If your child has missed these sacraments please check the box for this program and we will help find the best way for your child to get prepared.

Confirmation (8th-9th)-

We encourage all students who are interested in being Confirmed into the Catholic Church to participate in our Confirmation Program. This typically begins in Fall of 8th Grade Year. Must be enrolled in Catholic School or have one year of religious education prior to enrollment.

Youth Bible Study (8th+)-

If you are interested in participating in our youth bible study that is a hybrid of zoom and in person classes, please fill out the registration form and we will get more information to you. We will study the books of Luke and Acts.

Family Night

Our first Family Night will be in October. Fun, but Faith-based activities will be offered. 

You can also call Mary Beth at the  Parish Office for individual circumstances.

Blessings, Matt Murray,  Director of Faith Formation