Information about Pre-K 3 and PreK 4

Step By Step Preschool – PreK 3

A typical day in PreK 3 includes circle time, story time, music instruction, art and academic centers, play time and snack.  It is a great introduction to the school setting and an opportunity for children to learn how to interact with teachers and peers.  Pre-K students will begin the day by coloring which will develop their fine motor skills.  Students learn about the calendar and weather each morning at circle time.  Students will participate in prayer with their classmates and recite the Pledge of allegiance every morning before English Language Arts and Math.  Music and Movement is an integral part of the morning.  Story time is an inviting and welcome time in the classroom.

At 11:00 am half day student are dismissed and full day students stay for lunch.  A full-day Prek3 student at Step by Step Preschool will be offered specials such as Music, Art, Physical Education, Library, and Technology.  Other subjects taught will include Science, Religion and Social Studies!


Students begin the day by completing fun and engaging hands-on morning work at 8:00am – 8:15am.  Prayer time takes place each morning and students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing nursery rhymes, and learn about the calendar and weather.  At 8:35-8:55am student learn about the letter of the week and number of the day while getting a chance to interact with the Promethean Board.  Music and Movement is next- a favorite time of day for many four-year-olds!  At 9am it is time for snack!

PreK-4 students hear a story on the carpet before working more in-depth on the letter of the week, its sound, practicing letter recognition, tracing letters, and writing their names.  Math is from 10:00-10:30am.  Pre K4 students learn math through a variety of manipulative aligned with common core math standards.

After math is recess!  PreK students will socialize and play outdoors on the playground.  After playing, full-day students will stay for lunch, while half-day students are dismissed. They are offered  Library, Technology, Music, Art, Physical Education; Religion, Social Studies and Science.