In 2019, Pope Francis wrote a special letter to all the faithful.  It has a special name being called a ‘Motu Proprio’.  It is a letter advising and encouraging all the faithful to give special attention to a particular aspect of our faith life, in this case focusing on the ‘Word of God’ the scriptures that we hear every Sunday and every time we gather to celebrate the Eucharist.  In his letter our holy father is designating this Sunday, the third Sunday in ordinary time and directing us to give special time for reading, reflecting and teaching the word of God to others.

And while our holy father designated this particular Sunday to emphasize the sacredness and importance of hearing God’s word, we must not limit the place of importance of God’s word to us just to one particular Sunday.  Every day, every time we pick up a lectionary, a bible a commentary of God’s holy word, we need to read it with a special reverence realizing that what Jesus said at the closing of today’s gospel is so very true, ‘Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing’.

God’s word has been given to us making us ministers of his word.   We should never keep God’s word like some kind of secret.  It is to be shared with everyone around us.  That may not make each and every one of us a ‘preacher’ but certainly a ‘sharer’ letting every one else hear the beauty of God’s word and the truth of his word.

 In that same gospel passage the section quoted from the Old Testament prophet, Jesus taught those in the synagogue that day why he had been sent and what his mission was to be.  He was to be a teacher and foremost a healer.  We need to reflect on those words as well for they are shared with us not only for our hearing but for us to realize that we are to share in the Lord’s ministry of teaching his word and being a healer as well.

Giving time to read and reflect more and more on the word of God in the gospel, the letters of the apostles, the prayers that are contained in scripture taking in the beauty and truth of God’s word we become more and more enriched by that beauty and truth.

Here is n idea you might find helpful in deepening your own love and knowledge of the scriptures.  Keep a little note book handy to write down thoughts and verses of scripture that seem to be touching you in some special way.  These thoughts and notes can help you to write your own spiritual journal.  Don’t be shy about doing this, you might find it very rewarding as well as enlightening.

The great gift that we will receive both from our reading and reflecting on God’s word, and in keeping your little journal is God’s grace strengthening you to become more conscious of your call to be a minister of his hold word.  That’s part of how God’s word is fulfilled in your life.

So, this 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time also shows us that today is not really ordinary.  Like every day it is a special gift from God filled with opportunities to live out our faith by living out his word.

God bless you all,