On this Sunday we celebrate another of the Christmas season feasts, the last one, for tomorrow we turn to what is called ‘Ordinary Time’.  The feast we celebrate today is the Baptism of the Lord Jesus.  We know that Jesus did not need to be baptized, yet He went into the waters of the Jordan River and asked the disciple John the Baptist to baptize him.

We don’t want to dismiss the importance of the Church’s celebration of the baptism of the Lord Jesus.  I wonder how often any one of us thinks about the day when we were baptized.  Maybe I could ask the question, ‘how many of us remember the date when we were baptized?  My guess would be about one percent of us do remember the date.

What is most important, of course, is  how do we live out all that our baptism calls us to do as followers of Jesus Christ.  How deep is our faith rooted in our  hearts and how strongly does it have an impact on what we choose in our every day life.  That’s where faith is lived you know.  We aren’t supposed to keep it on some shelf and bring it out only on special occasions, maybe when we are faced with some difficult decision we have to make.

I’m going to try, from time to time, to leave you with some words of wisdom, spiritual wisdom, I  hope, and today’s is a reflection on ‘Sharing the Lord’s ministry’

“Lord Jesus, touch my eyes so that we may see the signs of your presence

In our lives and in the world.

Touch our ears so that we may hear you word.

Touch our tongues so that we may profess our faith.

Touch our hands so that we may give and receive.

Touch our feet so that we may walk in your paths.

Touch our minds so that we may understand your ways.

Touch our wills so that they may be in tune with your will.

Touch our hearts so that we may bring your love

To our brothers and sisters, to the praise and glory of God.


While this day brings to an end our yearly celebration of the Christmas season, remember that the Lord Jesus remains with us for today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives.

Fr. Walt