Gather: Seeds

Gather with us as we examine these 19 topics below and find new ways to practice them in our everyday lives!

Sept. 19The Creed: Learn about the foundational statement of our faith.
Oct. 3Prayer: Learn about prayer and different ways to pray.
Oct. 17Sacred Scripture: Learn about Sacred Scripture and how it can benefit your life daily.
Oct. 31Saints: Learn about the Saints and why they are important to our spiritual growth. Costume Contest to follow!
Nov. 14Christian Charity: Learn about the importance of charity and different ways to give.
Nov. 28The Mass: Learn about the Mass and why it is so important.
Dec. 12Christmas Play: Come join us for our Christmas play and hear about the true meaning of Christmas.
Jan. 2Baptism: Learn why we are baptized and ways we can renew our commitments to this sacrament.
Jan. 16Sacred Tradition/Magisterium: Learn about Sacred Tradition and the teaching authority of the Church.
Jan. 30Communion: Dive deeper into your understanding of the Eucharist.
Feb. 13Holy and Religious Orders: Hear from one of our priests about the priesthood and other religious orders.
Feb. 27Fasting: Learn how fasting can bring you into fuller communion with the trinity.
Mar. 13The Trinity: Look into the mystery of the Triune God.
Mar. 27Easter Play: Join us for our Easter play and hear about the true sacrifice that Jesus paid for our sins.
Apr. 10Anointing of the Sick: Learn why we anoint the sick and how you may benefit from it one day.
Apr. 24Mary: Dive deeper into an understanding of who Mary is and how to have a healthy relationship with her.
May 8Penance: Learn about the importance of confession and the role it plays in our spiritual life.
May 22Marriage: Learn about the sacrament of marriage.
Jun. 5Confirmation: Celebrate Pentecost with us as we examine the role of confirmation in our faith journey.