Join us for the Tuesdays of February and March on zoom from 7 to 8:30pm.

Contemplative living is a way of responding to our everyday experiences by consciously attending to our relationships. It deepens an awareness of our connections and communion with others. In this time of stress and pandemic it offers a sense of wellbeing, profound gratitude and a clear understanding of our purpose in life. Merton has guided many across the great abyss of hopelessness and developing a joy filled relationship with God.

Discover the infinite tenderness of God living His life within you. We face a world of fragmentation, noise, stimulation and haste. It may even overwhelm us. But there is another way to be in the world. Live from a Holy Center, the Divine Center, who abides in us, who can speak in us and through us at all times if we listen.

Sign up today with Deacon George Welch 607-731-6170 or email [email protected] He has a guide that will help you. A donation of $5 to cover the cost would be appreciated. The focus on joy is so much needed in these times.