Camera System Project:             Goal $35,000         

Received as of:  November 18, 2020  =  $25,110

In Honor of:

Hanlon & Savino Families by Thomas Savino

Savino & Hanlon Families by Linda Savino

In Memory of:

Michael Balok by Wife, Bonnie Balok

Brown Family – Jim, Tom, Dan, Chris & Barbara by Alice Brown

Theresa DeSanto by Sacred Heart Ladies

Phil Erway – Our First Director by SCHOLA Choir

Philip M. Erway, Founder & First Director of St. Mary’s SCHOLA Choir by his faithful friend, Rev. Walter Wainwright

Howard Fisher by Wife, Mary Louise and Sons

Richard & Anna Johnson by Robert & Mary Ann Philpott

Edward & Dorothy Kubinski by Rev. Scott Kubinski

Josephine Kujawski & Rose Kujawski and Departed Members of the Kujawski & Savino Families by Paul Kujawski

Tommy Niles by Marguerite Grieco

Peter Monitello by Wife, Peg Monitello

Our Parents by Theodore & Julia Marciniak

Vincent Rudzki, Jr. by AJ & Mary Montanarella

Parishioners and Families:

Anonymous                       John & Dorothy Bellinger              Constance Bergh                              Rita Bergh

Dave & Julie Biviano        John Brennan                                    David & Toni Brush                       Dennis & Mary Ellen Coseo               

Anne Coughlin                   Bill & Clara Krolak                            Dorothy Cunnings                            Edward Dickinson           

Susan DiPetta                    Jim & Nancy Elston                          Dc. Joe & Sharon Erway                 Rev. Richard Farrell         

Anne Fitzpatrick                Suzanne Giffin                                   Mary Guinane                                   Anne Hughes

Joyce Kane                          Nancy Kline                                         Tom & Mary Krebs                          Jeanne Larson  

Diane Marino                     Ray Marks                                           Thomas McGuire                              Craig & Melissa Milazzo 

Nathan & Susan Noto    Jerry & Louise O’Dell                       Robert & Linda Odum                    Charles & Andrea Paggio

Rita Pappalardo                Bill & Mary Roe                                 Carl & Liz Russell                              Carol Russell      

Paul Sartori                         Jim & Arlene Siconolfi                     Anne Vieira                                         Dc. George & Paula Welch

Gerald & Lisa Wheeler   Regina Wright

Organizations & Businesses:

BC Plumbing and Heating

Barber Funeral Home

James Capriotti Real Estate

Michele Hamula Agency

Knights of Columbus

McInerny Funeral Home

Ray Jewelers