by Fr. Walt Wainwright

Next Sunday the Church year will come to a close with the celebration of the great feast honoring Jesus Christ the King.  In some respects it is the feast that calls us to give an accounting of how we use our talents, whether we call them that or give them some other name like gift or a special ability that we can share with others.  I suppose we don’t think of the feast of Christ the King in those terms and maybe today’s gospel will help us to think about how we use the God-given gifts God has given us.

Many people will begin quickly by saying, ‘Oh! I don’t have any special gift or talent.’  If we stop and honestly look within ourselves I think most of us will come to realize that we have been blessed with at least some little gift that when shared enriches those around us.

Let me share with you a little story of how important it is for us to share those gifts, no matter how little they may seem to us.  Once there was a wealthy miser who had a lot of gold pieces.  He melted them down into a single lump and buried them in his back garden.  Each night, after dark, he would go out with a little light, dig up the gold and just stand there and admire it.  He never used it or let alone shared it with anyone, he just admired it. Well, little did he know that another man saw what he was doing each night and one night, when it was

s very late, he came and d dug up the gold and stole it.

The miser told a friend about what had happened to his treasure and the friend said, ‘you might as well have buried a brick of clay for all the good it did for you.  You never shared your treasure.  You thought you were rich because of your gold but in reality you were poor all along.  Treasures are worth anything only when they are shared and others made rich because of them.’

We all have special gifts, even the ones that seem so small to us.  Think about your talents as today’s gospel calls us to do and share them.  After all, that is why God gave them to us in the first place.  I have always admired people who use their gifts, even the ones they think are so small.  They are actually great treasures when they are shared.

Haven’t you found yourself being surprised and actually delighted when you learn of someone else’s talent or gift you had not known of before.  I always find it to be a source of great joy not only because they have that gift but because they share it.  Our lives are enriched and often by the simplest of gifts being shared.

It’s wonderful if someone is blessed with a truly extraordinary gift but it’s also wonderful when we share even the smallest ones.

Again, next Sunday will be Christ the King Sunday and our liturgical year will come to a close.  Where did the year go?  Where did the year go?  The following Sunday, November 29th will be the First Sunday of Advent when we begin once again to journey with Lord in what we all hope will be a healthier, happier and holier year.