Ready to start your holiday shopping and support our Global Solidarity subcommittee Work of Human Hands Fall 2020 online sale

The items for sale are of Fair Trade which makes a commitment to better trading conditions on behalf of the people who actually make or grow the products. Artisans and farmers are paid fairly and benefit from safe working conditions that promote gender equality and protection for children. This is how you can shop.

Click this link, MHNJWOHH

This will bring you to a colorful page and across the top, an orange bar will appear that states 20% of  our WOHH sale will be donated to Catholic Relief Services

Click on the options across the top of the screen to view the various items for sale.

Once you have made your choices, follow the directions to place your order. The items can be mailed anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Be sure to note that on

Nov 14-15: Free ground shipping
Nov 21-22: Free $10 Gift Card with every $50+ purchase
Dec 5-6: Free ground shipping

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